Seminar on Hydrogen as a means to meet the 2050 Carbon Neutrality strategy goals

On Friday 05 July 2019, the Polythechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo is holding a Seminar on the role of Local and Regional Authorities in delivering green hydrogen projects (production and usage for both mobility and stationary applications) as catalysts of the path towards Carbon Neutrality by 2050.

The event is organised by the Polythechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (Portugal), with participation of high-level representatives from both the Central and Local Governments, the FCHJU, the Portuguese Hydrogen Association (AP2H2), as well as Industry (e.g. Caetano BUS) and Research Institutions.

This seminar is aimed at presenting functional hydrogen-based solutions already developed and demonstrated throughout Europe, discussing the role of Local Authorities and Local Public Service providers in accelerating the deployment and implementation of integrated green hydrogen and fuel-cell technologies in the energy and mobility sectors.

The FCH JU will present the Hydrogen Roadmap for Europe, setting the scene for a roundtable in which it will enlarge the debate to the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Mayors, CEOs, Inter-municipalities and Research Institutions representatives.

Don't miss the opportunity to contribute to this awareness raising event where Local Authorities are expected to take ownership and act as enablers of local hydrogen ecosystems in line with the ambitious Carbon Neutrality goals in Portugal and Europe alike.

For more information, agenda and registration, please visit the event’s webpage.

Friday, July 5, 2019
Viana do Castelo, Portugal