OxiGEN Project - ​​​​​​​Final Event

OxiGEN: Next-generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stack and hot box solution for small stationary applications

Funded by the FCH JU, OxiGEN project aims at promoting the development of an innovative SOFC platform with an all ceramic stack integrated into a modular hotbox, for small stationary applications. Thanks to its higher durability and simpler design, this novel stack can fulfill the customers’ needs for long lifetime, high efficiency and low cost, in micro-CHP and other segments.

As the OxiGEN project draws to a close, Saint-Gobain and its partners are proud to present lessons learned and advances that this project has enabled for the hydrogen industry.


3:00 - Introduction (C.Pawlak - Absiskey)
3:05 - Presentation of hydrogen projects (D.Tsimis - European Commission)
3:10 - Overall project presentation (R.Germar - Saint-Gobain)
3:15 - Hotbox specification and cost analysis for European markets (P.Milin - Engie)
3:25 - Stack definition and production (J.Pietras - Saint Gobain)
3:35 - Modular hotbox concept & testing (S.Hielscher - IKTS)
3:50 - Integration of modular hotbox to system (C.Tregambe - ICI)
4:00 - Short stack performance assessment under system conditions (K.Couturier -CEA)
4:10 - Routes for stack performance improvement (J.Dailly - EIFER and Marie-Laure Fontaine - SINTEF)
4:25 - Economic impact of OxiGEN solution (S.Ashurst - Delta EE)
4:35 - Questions & Answers session (moderated by Absiskey)
4:55 - Conclusion

Friday, June 25, 2021