Online Technical Conference: Next Generation Electrolysers

In this first edition of the online technical conference Next Generation Electrolysers there will be 16 different perspectives from industry and research institutions on the challenges of scaling up electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen and the industrial application. A free basic access to the live technical program on December 08/09 is available.

Topics to be discussed:

  •  Green Hydrogen - A Utility Perspective (Vattenfall)
  •  H2Future – Green Hydrogen from a 6MW High Performance PEM electrolyzer (Verbund)
  •  Kickstarting an Arctic Hydrogen Valley: the Haeolus project (SINTEF)
  • Norway’s first infrastructure for green ammonia (Varanger KraftHydrogen)
  • Advances, Opportunities and Challenges of Hydrogen Production from Seawater Electrolysis (NTNU)
  • Status of High-Temperature Electrolysis for the Generation of Green Hydrogen and Syngas (Sunfire)
  • Large scale PEM Electrolysis: status and way forward (Cummins)
  • A perspective of the challenges in scaling up CCM production for PEM electrolysis (Johnson Matthey)
  • Hydroxide Conducting Membrane for Water Electrolysis – Enabling Technology for Cost Competitive Production of Decarbonized Hydrogen (Evonik)
  • Scalable electrode production technologies for the alkaline water electrolysis: overview and outlook (Fraunhofer IFAM)
  • Technical challenges and opportunities in scaling up alkaline water electrolysis (Nouryon)
  • Development of advanced alkaline water electrolysis technologies in South Africa (Hydrox Holdings)
  • Water Electrolysis Development at HySA Infrastructure in South Africa (HySA Infrastructure)
  • FCH JU support to the development of electrolysers in the EU (FCH JU)

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020