Maritime Ports on Islands – Policy & Green Solutions

Thursday  |  21 October  |  9:00 - 10:30

Low-emission transport solutions for islands are a key element for their greening. Most vessels, (local) boats, buses, cars, in fact all modes of transport have to be decarbonised and pollution in general has to stop.
In this session the debate will focus on two elements in the territorial context of the European Union:

  1. What is the transport policy in general and in particular for islands, and
  2.  How can islands benefit from dedicated projects and funding?

The EU territory serves only as an example to concretely arrive at solutions, which possibly could be adapted to other islands, perhaps anywhere. Concrete up-to-date policy measures as well as open calls for proposals for islands will be presented. Furthermore, the experience gained in concrete, outstanding projects on H2, ultra-charging and bio-LNG will be shown. Finally, leading experts and project managers will outline their vision and planning for the coming years.
This session can by far not present all solutions and ideas but intends to serve as a welcome and starting point to all islanders (& supporters) how wish to come on board and start networking with several leading experts and managers for greening our world.


Thursday, October 21, 2021