India Green Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit: Market, Policy & Business Outlook

The next wave of energy transition will be led by hydrogen and green hydrogen will play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future. It is still in the development stage but many countries are taking major steps to lay a foundation towards an initial phase to develop the hydrogen market. Projects and investments are increasing on ground. Representatives from hydrogen producers and suppliers, fuel cell companies, automotive OEMs, hydrogen storage companies, technology providers, component manufacturers & industrial end-users, financial stakeholders and investors, service providers, government officials & regulators, sustainability mobility technology providers and others will come to discuss perspectives & market opportunities for the hydrogen & fuel cells market.

Key discussion points - Download the agenda here

  • On and About Hydrogen
  • Definition & various factors within the hydrogen ecosystem
  • What are the drivers for scaling of hydrogen? Understand of how the hydrogen fits in decarbonising sectors other than power
  • What are customer applications
  • Scale & Potential for hydrogen
  • Case examples on usage
  • India’s use case in hydrogen today and potential for green hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Economy in India- Govt. driven or industry led?
  • Task force of the Indian government – timelines and scope.
  • Hydrogen development plan in India- Regulation, Policies and development plan for hydrogen.
  • Panel discussion between government and Industry players from current hydrogen applications and suppliers of green hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen production, storage, distribution & delivery logistics



Wednesday, September 30, 2020