Hydrogen for clean transport

An event on FCH JU flagship projects: HyFIVE & H2ME

The FCH JU funded projects H2ME and HyFIVE are two of the leading hydrogen initiatives in Europe which set the standard for and have accelerated the wider rollout of hydrogen technology. The technology can play a key role in meeting the EU’s agenda on air quality and climate change.

This event brings together the most innovative European hydrogen initiatives in the transport sector. On Friday 22 September 2017  sector experts will share the latest learnings from the FCH JU funded HyFIVE and H2ME 1 & 2 projects and demonstrate hydrogen technology as the solution to advancing the EU’s air quality and green agenda.

The morning part of the event will be dedicated to the HyFIVE final conference including conclusions from the project and discussions on the benefits of zero-emission hydrogen technology in project regions. This will give participants the chance to find out how hydrogen technology is closely linked to the EU’s air quality and green agenda and will highlight next steps beyond the project.

In the afternoon, a roundtable hosted by the H2ME project will take place, hosting a discussion about how hydrogen and fuel cell technology (HFC) can support the EU’s decarbonisation goals and how to address the remaining barriers to uptake of HFC technologies in the transport sector.


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About the projects

Hydrogen for Innovative Vehicles (HyFIVE)

HyFIVE is an ambitious flagship project committed to demonstrating the commercial viability of hydrogen vehicles and stations across Europe. HyFIVE has seen the delivery of six new refuelling stations, to integrate an existing 9, and 185 vehicles. BMW, Daimler, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota - HyFIVE’s vehicle manufacturers - are leading the global movement in shifting the market from petrol and diesel to greener, more sustainable fuels.

Hydrogen Mobility Europe 1 & 2 (H2ME)

H2ME is a natural successor to HyFIVE. The initiative will deploy over 1400 fuel cell hydrogen vehicles and 49 refuelling stations across 8 countries in Europe, creating the first truly pan-European hydrogen refuelling network. H2ME will test a range of technologies and explore different strategies for commercialisation throughout the course of the project. Lessons learned from these activities will allow for further market preparation for widespread commercialisation.


Friday, September 22, 2017
Charlemagne building, 2nd Floor, GASP room, Brussels, Belgium