FCH JU project SOL2HY2 dissemination event: innovative solutions for direct hydrogen production from solar energy

The successful output of the FCH JU SOL2HY2  project, aiming to develop a solar hybrid cycle for the direct dissociation of water using solar energy will be presented, highlighting:

  • Our novel concept utilising dynamic variation in renewable energy input and open cycle share for optimal profitability,
  • The new sulphur oxide depolarised electrolyser operating at ambient conditions without Platinum Group Metal (PGM) catalysts,
  • New systems and components designed for the combined hybrid solar / thermochemical water-splitting cycle pilot plant,
  • The software platform to optimise the hydrogen production plant in any geographical location.

For more information, visit https://sol2hy2.eucoord.com/

The event will take place on the margin of the FCH JU 2016 Programme Review Days.

21st November 6.30 p.m., room "JENKINS" (ground floor), Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi 170, 1000 Brussels.

To attend the event, please register as PRD attendee through the website http://www.fch.europa.eu/page/registration-3

Registrations will be open on the 21/09/2016.

Monday, November 21, 2016