Decarbonising Buildings: The Role of Hydrogen

As the EU Green Deal prioritises buildings as a hard to decarbonise sector, hydrogen use to heat and power buildings is now a hotly debated topic. With annual renovation rates below 1% and more than 70% of heating in buildings supplied by old and inefficient boilers, accelerating building decarbonisation presents both challenges and exciting opportunities.

In this Power & Heat Boost webinar, the role of hydrogen, as well as other renewable and decarbonised gases, to support the decarbonisation of buildings will be explored. Fostering the use of hydrogen with cogeneration for efficient heat and flexible power supply will be showcased. Pros and cons of hydrogen use in buildings will also be debated.


1. Welcome - Hans Korteweg, Managing Director, COGEN Europe

2. Keynote Speech - MEP Jens Geier (S&D, Germany), ITRE/Rapporteur H2 Strategy, European Parliament

3. Setting the scene:

    - Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration: Latest Developments and Future Perspectives - Antonio Aguilo Rullan, Project Officer, Fuel Cell Hydrogen Joint Undertaking
   -  Benefits of Hydrogen & Cogeneration for Buildings - Simon Minett, Managing Director, Challoch Energy
   -  Hydrogen Blending: Overview of Different Approaches - Eva Hennig, Eurogas/CEDEC

4. Panel debate: Hydrogen in Buildings

    - Federica Sabbati, Secretary General, European Heating Industry
   -  Henning Häder, Policy Director, Eurelectric
    - Eva Hennig, Eurogas/CEDEC
    - Simon Minett, Managing Director, Challoch Energy

Wednesday, March 31, 2021