• 26/11/2020
    “We are currently living through exceptionally challenging times … We now have a unique opportunity to build back better, create an economy that is fit for future challenges, is more competitive, inclusive, smarter and, of course, sustainable. Hydrogen is a key part of this journey,” said Henrik... Read more
  • 25/11/2020
    The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Undertaking (FCH JU) presented the 2020 FCH JU Awards at the first European Hydrogen Week. Winning projects simplify and facilitate maintenance, speed up manufacturing and deploy clean fuel-cell technologies to the public to drive forward the energy transition. In... Read more
  • 13/11/2020
    The 2019 Programme Review Report presents the findings of the annual review by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC ) of all activities supported by the FCH 2 JU during 2018. It pays particular attention to the added value, effectiveness and techno-economic efficiency of FCH 2 JU... Read more


  • 08
    In this first edition of the online technical conference Next Generation Electrolysers there will be 16 different perspectives from industry and research institutions on the challenges of scaling up electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen and the industrial application. A free basic... Read more
  • 10
    While automakers have demonstrated progress with prototypes and commercial vehicles traveling more than 500 km on a single fill, this driving range must be achievable across different vehicle makes and models and without compromising customer expectations of space, performance, safety, or cost.... Read more
  • 10
    HyVolution is a growing international hydrogen event in France for energy, industry and mobility. Over two days more than 2000 international participants are expected: production, distribution, storage, services - every solution for all carbon-free hydrogen markets. Two days of conferences around... Read more

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