To face the challenge of safer hydrogen-based systems and fuel cells, the FCH JU project SUSANA is aiming at developing a CFD Model Evaluation Protocol. After the first part of the project, the verification database and a CFD benchmarking exercise has already been completed. The Model Evaluation Protocol will become a reference document both for CFD users and for regulatory and certifying bodies that have to provide permission for FCH systems and infrastructure.

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In the field of harmonized test procedures for SOFC/SOEC stack testing, the FCH JU project SOCTESQA has managed to finalize, after the first part of its programme, the test matrix definition, the test station validation loop and the first round of initial tests on SOFC, SOEC and combined SOFC/SOEC modes. The consortium has already entered into a formal liaison with CENELEC and with IEC TC105 for the production of International Standards for solid oxide stacks. 

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Within the efforts of reducing the costs of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell systems, FCH JU research project STAMPEM, now completed, has dealt with the development of improved coatings for stainless steel bipolar plates. A very promising coating applied by Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) has been identified, allowing for up to 6000 hours of operations thanks to an excellent corrosion protection without negative impact on the other performance properties, namely the interfacial contact resistance towards the gas diffusion layer. The coating has been calculated to allow a considerable cost reduction potential for bipolar plates within fuel cell systems. Figures as high as 90% cost reduction have been put forward for up-scaled operations. 

Carrefour Group, the second-largest retailer in the world, will purchase more than 150 fuel cell units (GenDrive ), to be  deployed in STILL-brand class-2 and class-3 electric lift trucks at Carrefour's brand new distribution center located in Vendin-lès-Béthune, France.                        

The deployment will materialize thanks to the FCH JU financial support via the HyLIFT-EUROPE project and the units are delivered by Plug Power Inc, a leader in providing energy solutions. Securing Carrefour as fuel cell customer is a significant milestone that provides critical validation for hydrogen and fuel cells throughout the continent.

Contributing to FCH JU’s ambition to develop technologies to efficiently produce green Hydrogen, the three-year project SOPHIA has reached its half-point completing the stack design specifications and starting the manufacturing of components of a 3kW high temperature co-electrolyser of  steam and CO2 for direct Synthetic Methane production, which is in the power range of a household consumption. In the next 18 months the prototype will be built and tested in the Netherlands.

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FCH JU informs about the notice of call for expression of interest for clean energy technology studies launched by the European Commission – Joint Research Centre.  

The call of expressions of interest is divided into 3 fields:

  • assessment of the status of development of energy supply technologies and their trend
  • integration of energy supply technologies in the energy system
  • assessment of technology markets and industrial development intelligence for energy supply technologies

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are among the technologies concerned.

With the increasing uptake of hydrogen as an energy carrier for the transport sector, making hydrogen available is becoming an underpinning issue. One way around the building of expensive pipe infrastructure while it would not be fully utilized is to relay on the existing natural gas grid.

Brussels, Belgium, 5 July 2016 - Following the result of the United Kingdom’s referendum on its membership of the European Union, the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU) refers its stakeholders to this statement on the European Commission's Participant Portal.

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking is currently recruiting for the following positions:

Project Officer (AD 8)

Deadline for applications is 21 August. For more information click here.

The FCH JU project DEMOSOFC received the SMAU prize “Innovation 2016- SMAU Torino”, rewarding its innovation contents in the field of renewable energy and circular economy.