Workshop on materials issues for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies

The two-day Workshop took place from Monday 26th March afternoon to Tuesday 27th March afternoon.

It intends to:

- give a complete overview of the entire portfolio of projects on Fuel Cells Hydrogen (FCH) in the JTI, NMP, Energy programmes end of the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

- bring forward the global picture of FCH research and innovation in Europe; highlight the impact of material in this area and future related policy needs

- enable the materials and FCH communities in Europe to identify joint collaboration and application areas, and gain new contacts and new ideas for strategic industrial partnerships

- make key recommendations on future research needs in the FCH domain to set up a material roadmap to foster the development of FCH in Europe.

An Opening Session was followed by five technical sessions addressing the different hydrogen and fuel cells technologies. 30 projects were represented from various programmes.

In each topical session, projects were presented. Each project highlighted its objectives and approach, focueds on the benefits and barriers of the material-based research method, where applicable, on the (expected) results and any further research need. Each session was followed by a discussion to help consolidating the information to highlight future materials research needs.

The Workshop was attended upon invitation only and had no attendance fee.

It is addressed  to:

- partners of the EU-funded projects of FP7 active in hydrogen fuel cells

- FCH national representatives from the Member States

- FCH technical experts

- EC Project Officers from the Programmes concerned

- FCH JTI representatives

- any other FCH stakeholder


The book of abstracts can be downloaded here






Monday, March 26, 2012
Grenoble, France